Belka & Strelka is out right now on Kalligrammofon.

Coming up: Statues Asleep, brand new Sternpost album! Pre-order here

Furthermore: Testbild! are still discussiong a vinyl release of The Ocean Tango CD. There's also talk of a forthcoming collaboration with eccentric English spoken word poet Dolly Dolly.


This page will be updated regularly. Thank You for Your interest!

09 July 2014: Belka & Strelka sessions, mixes and cover art finished. To be released this autumn, we'll keep you posted!

15 November 2013: Our very dear friend Jonas Fust has recorded a fantastic version of our song Wales, from Barrikad. Listen here, and don't forget to pre-order!

I other news: the Bleka & Strelka album is finally in the making, for real this time! Hopefully to be released some time 2014, stay tuned.

17 February 2013: Anyone for cassettes? We can offer you a compilation of tunes from our music to the short films of our very dear friend Henrik M

17 January 2013: And here it is, the beautiful book about Testbild!, ready to be ordered. It's both in Swedish and English language, and there's a long section with stunning photographs from three of our art projects.

(for those of you who don't understand Swedish, scroll down to the bottom and press the "in English" button)

24 December 2012: Now here's a Christmas present for you all: a Bandcamp retrospective for those of you who'd like have a listen to what we've done over the years. And it's free too!

Where Did This Begin? A Testbild! Retrospective 2000​-​2012

Merry Christmas!

26 November 2012: Pre-orders available here! Hurry, hurry...

14 November 2012: The Sternpost vinyl EP will be released December 1st on Kalligrammofon. 99 copies only, no reissues. Pre-orders available very soon. Have a listen to one of the songs here!

03 October 2012: Just to prove that you can still count on Testbild!, here's a brand new cover of Krzysztof Komeda's 'Ballad for Bernt' (from the soundtrack to the Polanski movie 'Knife in the Water'). Enjoy!

06 September 2012: Our record company Kalligrammofon will release a strictly limited vinyl EP with Testbild! offshoot Sternpost in October! Stay tuned for more news.

18 December 2011: Brand new song called Frozen Mosaics here (and it's free too!):

Merry christmas!