STAD LP is sold out, but will be released as a cassette shortly. Watch out for the reissue.

Another cassette with music from the short films of Henrik Möller Filmer has just been released on Zeon Light. Buy/listen!

* ANTI-CLOCK, new album of Sternpost finished (Petter H of Testbild! with contributions from Siri, David Dolly Dolly Yates with daughter Mabel), is out NOW on Dilettante (vinyl)

Furthermore: Testbild! are still discussiong a vinyl release of The Ocean Tango CD.

Other upcoming projects:

* Partikelbana, musical interpretations of the poems of Martti Soutkari feat. Petter H and Siri, to be realeased on Zeon Light some time 2019 (10" vinyl)

* Necronomicon, brand new short film of Henrik Möller and Lars Krantz with OST from Testbild!, watch it here

* Mouse, the Testbild! and Dolly Dolly collaboration project, to be finished and released before you know it


This page will be updated regularly. Thank You for Your interest!

24 December 2012: Now here's a Christmas present for you all: a Bandcamp retrospective for those of you who'd like have a listen to what we've done over the years. And it's free too!

Where Did This Begin? A Testbild! Retrospective 2000​-​2012

Merry Christmas!

26 November 2012: Pre-orders available here! Hurry, hurry...

14 November 2012: The Sternpost vinyl EP will be released December 1st on Kalligrammofon. 99 copies only, no reissues. Pre-orders available very soon. Have a listen to one of the songs here!

03 October 2012: Just to prove that you can still count on Testbild!, here's a brand new cover of Krzysztof Komeda's 'Ballad for Bernt' (from the soundtrack to the Polanski movie 'Knife in the Water'). Enjoy!

06 September 2012: Our record company Kalligrammofon will release a strictly limited vinyl EP with Testbild! offshoot Sternpost in October! Stay tuned for more news.

18 December 2011: Brand new song called Frozen Mosaics here (and it's free too!):

Merry christmas!

03 May 2011: Pre-order Barrikad HERE

18 April 2011: The forthcoming album by Testbild! is to be released by Kalligrammofon. It's called Barrikad, and is almost entirelly accoustic, centered round a lot of guitars, horns, a harpsichord and a church organ. The lyrics are sung in the Swedish language, and it's on vinyl this time (finally!). Comes with fabulous artwork and a poster.

Don't miss, and don't forget to download the double A-side single on Kalligrammofon's homepage! There's a video by Sebastian Rozenberg as well.

24 September 2010: THE OCEAN TANGO IS OUT NOW

"The Ocean Tango", a collaboration between Louis Philippe ( and Swedish art-pop conceptualists Testbild! ( can now be purchased from:

Here you can preview tracks, and purchase an immediate download for

20 September 2010: The Ocean Tango, a collaboration between Louis Philippe and Swedish band Testbild!, will be released shortly. It will be available as a download, with or without a CD, but we'd also like to know if there's any demand for vinyl, and if so what people would be willing to pay for it. This will help us decide if a vinyl version is financially feasible.

If you'd be interested, please let us know by completing the form at:

Many thanks!


The Ocean Tango is the result of a joyful summertime collaboration between French pop craftsman Louis Philippe ( and Swedish art-pop conceptualists Testbild! ( An intoxicating blend of chamber pop and chamber jazz, the album is awash with trumpets, vibraphones, flutes, strings, harpsichord, Fender Rhodes, nylon guitar and the lushest of harmonies - all wrapped around elegantly tooled, constantly surprising melodies. Imagine a late-night session featuring the Beach Boys, Antonio Carlos Jobim, John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler, with a few electronic flourishes from Brian Eno, and maybe even the odd hint of the Canterbury Scene, and you