STAD LP is sold out, but will be released as a cassette shortly. Watch out for the reissue.

Another cassette with music from the short films of Henrik Möller Filmer has just been released on Zeon Light. Buy/listen!

* ANTI-CLOCK, new album of Sternpost finished (Petter H of Testbild! with contributions from Siri, David Dolly Dolly Yates with daughter Mabel), is out NOW on Dilettante (vinyl)

Furthermore: Testbild! are still discussiong a vinyl release of The Ocean Tango CD.

Other upcoming projects:

* Partikelbana, musical interpretations of the poems of Martti Soutkari feat. Petter H and Siri, to be realeased on Zeon Light some time 2019 (10" vinyl)

* Necronomicon, brand new short film of Henrik Möller and Lars Krantz with OST from Testbild!, watch it here

* Mouse, the Testbild! and Dolly Dolly collaboration project, to be finished and released before you know it


This page will be updated regularly. Thank You for Your interest!

08 September 2010: Yet another sneak peak at The Ocean Tango album can be found here. Enjoy!

09 June 2010: All Suprises!

Please feel free to download a brand new compilation by our very dear friend Chris Evans of The Curve Ball radio show here. Our song is Monochrome Kaleidoscope, taken from last year's album Aquatint. And: there's an exclusive sneak preview of the Ocean Tango album (our collaboration with the one and only Louis Philippe), a song called Azimuth. Sleevenotes by acclaimed author Jonathan Coe.

Don't miss!

01 June 2010: Here's Testbild! doing a brand new cover of 'Astroboy', by The Buggles. This song is exclusive for the new issue of Friendly Noise, and will not be released in any other way.

Stay tuned for news about The Ocean Tango, the upcoming collaboration with Louis Philippe!

Thank You for Your attention.



16 June 2009: Louis Philippe is on his way to our place! sessions for the upcoming collaboration will begin this weekend.

04 February 2009: Releaseparty for Aquatint!

18th of February, 8.00 PM
Klubb Micro / Babel

23 December 2008: information about Aquatint, from our record company Friendly Noise:

1. In 2009 Friendly Noise will release one new artefact every three months. Every release can differ from the previous one; it all depends on what we and our bands/artists want to do. One release can be a CD, another a vinyl, and then a printed object or something else.

2. The artefacts will be released as limited editions. This will, when it's records, be combined with good digital distribution, which means unlimited availability for anyone who wants the music.

3. The artefacts will be manufactured in editions of 300 copies. The price to buy them will, considering the limited editions, still be relatively inexpensive since we no longer will have middle man distributors, and also because we don't do this for profit.

4. It's not until we receive 100 pre-orders that we will send the record to the manufacturing place. If not 100 people are interested in the artefact then we might, if it's music, release it as mp3:s instead. Or not at all.

5. Those who pre-order an artefact will be guaranteed a copy of it, and you will be the first one who gets it. We will also always include an exclusive present, a poster or something similar in the package.

6. All names of those who pre-order will be published on the Friendly Noise website as a gesture of our appreciation of your support. (For those who prefer to be anonymous, just let us know and we'll keep it that way.)

7. The first artefact to be released under these guidelines is "Aquatint", the new, fifth album by Testbild! Following last year's "Une teinte intense", an album light as a mirage, that bridges pop, jazz and exotica in the sun-bleached deserts of North Africa, "Aquatint" is, instead, an outburst of underwater inspiration.

8. A taster of "Aquatint" was released as an mp3 single on December 5th: "My Brother the Submariner" / "Garnet Brand Land", and here's detailed information on what to expect from "Aquatint".

9. Be an early adopter, and be one of the 100 pre-orderers, at our shop.

10. Hopefully "Aquatint" will be manufactured, released and delivered during January 2009.
Thank you for your interest!

Friendly Noise / Testbild!

Details about the album here

29 October 2008: We've added two songs from Aquatint to our Myspace page. Listen carefully.

17 June 2008: A rare interview (in English!) can be found here.

Thank you Jeff Boller, of The Simple Carnival!

29 November 2007: Now for some excellent reading:

Michael Vitrano is a nice fellow who wrote a splendid review of our last record "Imagine a House". Now he's started a brand new music blog by the name of Home On The Fringe.

Ned Ragett wrote a fine review of Une Teinte Intense for Allmusic.

...and don't forget the interview in NSD (Swedish only)!

25 October 2007: Brand new interview here (Swedish).