Belka & Strelka is out right now on Kalligrammofon.

Coming up: Statues Asleep, brand new Sternpost album! Pre-order here

Furthermore: Testbild! are still discussiong a vinyl release of The Ocean Tango CD. There's also talk of a forthcoming collaboration with eccentric English spoken word poet Dolly Dolly.


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20 October 2006: Saturday, th 4th of November 2006:

Live performances by

Testbild! Vs. Viktor Sj

19 October 2006: Now you can visit Testbild! at Myspace

There's not much to look at for the moment, but we'll get to that!

04 October 2006: A fine review by the one and only George Parsons (Dream Magazine):

Testbild! Imagine a House (Friendly Noise, / I received and listened to this album the same day I
heard that Syd Barrett died. I think you have to be careful what you
expose yourself to during such times; I first listened to one record on
a very bad day, and though I liked recording, I

14 July 2006: When Testbild! made music in a bottle (Swedish).

14 July 2006: Why not buy a Sjtjekn t-shirt?

14 July 2006: Some feedback and reviews of Imagine a House (Swedish and English).

01 June 2006: Important news from Friendly Noise.

31 May 2006: Testbild!'s current playlist at Dotshop.

23 May 2006: Right. The official release date for "Imagine a House", an album wich Friendly Noise don't hesitate to call a masterpiece, is June 19th.

Pre-orders are available from Dotshop.


13 April 2006: "Imagine a House" is delayed, but will be released by the end of May. Hopefully!

Meanwhile, you might want to check out "Noon Universe", the brand new CD by SJTJEKN:

...the word is that at least one Testbild! member is involved in this project, but you never know...