The upcoming Sternpost project is called "Gaspard Von Der Nacht". To be released some time 2020, hopefully on vinyl!

The Ocean Tango LP available HERE!

* Partikelbana 10" viny + booklet, musical interpretations of poems of Martti Soutkari feat. Petter H and Siri, OUT NOW at Zeon Light

STAD LP is sold out, but there's a cassette version still available!

Another cassette with music from the short films of Henrik Möller Filmer has just been released on Zeon Light. Buy/listen!

Other upcoming projects:

* Mouse, the Testbild! and Dolly Dolly collaboration project, to be finished and released before you know it


This page will be updated regularly. Thank You for Your interest!

17 June 2008: A rare interview (in English!) can be found here.

Thank you Jeff Boller, of The Simple Carnival!

29 November 2007: Now for some excellent reading:

Michael Vitrano is a nice fellow who wrote a splendid review of our last record "Imagine a House". Now he's started a brand new music blog by the name of Home On The Fringe.

Ned Ragett wrote a fine review of Une Teinte Intense for Allmusic.

...and don't forget the interview in NSD (Swedish only)!

25 October 2007: Brand new interview here (Swedish).

15 September 2007: Releaseparty for the brand new full length CD "Une Teine Intense", a thematic album about Isabelle Eberhardt.

22/9 2007, 09.00 PM

28 June 2007: Friendly Noise just released two new Testbild! songs on their mp3 label. These songs are exclusive, and will not be released in any other form.

Listen here!

14 May 2007: The new Testbild! album will be called "Une Teinte Intense", and will be released by Friendly Noise i the beginning of September this year. It's yet another thematical album, this time about Isabelle Eberhardt, one of the true heroes of this world.

02 February 2007: A brand new Testbild! interview here (Swedish).

10 January 2007: Check out our friend Viktor Sj

09 November 2006: Now, how about this fine review!

Imagine A House
Friendly Noise
Beginning with a gentle hum of an organ, followed by the relaxed picking of an acoustic guitar, we slowly emerge into the world of Testbild!. You may ask,

20 October 2006: Saturday, th 4th of November 2006:

Live performances by

Testbild! Vs. Viktor Sj