Pre-orders for STAD available!

Statues Asleep by Sternpost available here

Furthermore: Testbild! are still discussiong a vinyl release of The Ocean Tango CD.

Other upcoming projects:

* Testbild! sessions in Sonores Studios (Gothenburg) for Stad, a brand new album finished in July 2017, final mixing, mastering and cover work spring 2018. To be released November 2018.

* Another cassette with music from the short films of Henrik Möller Filmer to be released on Zeon Light in a couple of months

* ANTI-CLOCK, new album of Sternpost finished (Petter H of Testbild! with contributions from Siri, David Dolly Dolly Yates with daughter Mabel), is out NOW on Dilettante (vinyl)

* Partikelbana, musical interpretations of the poems of Martti Soutkari feat. Petter H and Siri, to be realeased on Zeon Light some time 2018 (10" vinyl)

* Necronomicon, brand new short film of Henrik Möller and Lars Krantz with OST from Testbild!, watch it here

* Mouse, the Testbild! and Dolly Dolly collaboration project, to be finished and released before you know it


This page will be updated regularly. Thank You for Your interest!

14 July 2006: Some feedback and reviews of Imagine a House (Swedish and English).

01 June 2006: Important news from Friendly Noise.

31 May 2006: Testbild!'s current playlist at Dotshop.

23 May 2006: Right. The official release date for "Imagine a House", an album wich Friendly Noise don't hesitate to call a masterpiece, is June 19th.

Pre-orders are available from Dotshop.


13 April 2006: "Imagine a House" is delayed, but will be released by the end of May. Hopefully!

Meanwhile, you might want to check out "Noon Universe", the brand new CD by SJTJEKN:

...the word is that at least one Testbild! member is involved in this project, but you never know...

10 February 2006: Friendly Noise just released their second compilation to date: "Are You Scared to Get Happy?". It contains a previously unreleased Testbild! song called "Landfall", which was originally intended to be included on "The Inexplicable Feeling of September" album. If you want to order this compilation, try:

Later on you can presumably buy it from
as well.

09 December 2005: Our dearest Testbild! member Pontus Lundkvist has now completed a video, called "Where Did This Begin?". It's about 14 minutes long, and contains a few of the songs on our forthcoming album "Imagine a House" (to be released on Friendly Noise in February 2006).

The video will be shown to the public at:


07 September 2005: Lyrics section added to the homepage.

06 September 2005: OK, we suppose some of you want to buy the "Swim Sweet Swedish" compilation, right? The easiest way to do it outside Japan is to use this link:

Good luck!

24 August 2005: Today is the official release date for a Japanese compilation called "Rallye Cloak 02 - Swim Sweet Swedish". Only Swedish acts are featured, but we guess that's rather obvious. Well anyway it includes a previously unreleased Testbild! song called "A Different Type of Lungs", taken from the forthcoming album "The Lolita Wagner Case" (which will be out this autumn on Radio Khartoum, hopefully). If you want to know more, please check out what our good friend Kristofer Lecander has to say here: