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The Double Life of Testbild!, CD album, Radio Khartoum, 2002

The Inexplicable Feeling of September, CD album, Friendly Noise, 2004

Imagine a House, enhanced CD album, Friendly Noise, 2006 

Une Teinte Intense, CD album, Friendly Noise, 2007 

Aquatint, enhanced CD album, Friendly Noise, 2009, re-issued on Folkwit Records, 2010 

Barrikad, vinyl LP, Kalligrammofon, 2011

Belka & Strelka, vinyl LP, Kalligrammofon, 2015

Det andra Malmö, digital album, Timglaset, 2016

STAD, vinyl LP, Kalligrammofon, 2018


His Shadows are Green / His Shadows are Blue, split vinyl 7" with Anthony Rochester, Radio Khartoum, 2005 

Proof of Life, message and CD-r in a bottle, Vågor & Strömmar, 2006

En gång i Stockholm / Dedicated to Therese Holm, MP3 single, Friendly Noise, 2007

New Year's Eve, MP3 single, Friendly Noise, 2007 

Imagine a Balloon, CD-r single / balloon, Friendly Noise, 2009

Astroboy, MP3 single, Friendly Noise, 2010

A Second Sun, seven unique CD-r singles, [not on label], 2011

The Glaze of the Universe, digital EP, Kalligrammofon, 2014

Compilation tracks

"Galena Blimp", on Amazing Grace sampler, CD-r album, Grace Recordings, 2000, and Panorama, CD album, Benno, 2001

"From Forgotten Powerstation on the Moon", on All Songs Are Sad Songs, CD album, Make It Happen, 2001, and Via Gesù 8 by Laurent Godard, CD album, Milan, 2002

"Fake Firmament", hidden track on The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei, CD album, Radio Khartoum, 2001

"Chrome-packed Shell", on Shaboom!, free CD compilation with Beikoku Ongaku magazine #20, 2002

"Glänsande Blod", "Friendly Noise Theme 1" and "Friendly Noise Theme 2" on Friendly People Making Noise, CD album, Friendly Noise, 2003

"Rain and Air", on Sonically Speaking #20, free CD compilation with Sonic magazine #20, 2004

"A Different Type of Lungs", on Swim Sweet Swedish, CD album, Rallye, 2005

"Dugong", on free CD compilation with Dream Magazine #5, 2005

"Landfall", on Are You Scared to Get Happy?, CD album, Friendly Noise, 2006

"Engelfabader", on Hockey Rawk #1, tape, Hockey Rawk, 2006

"En gång i Stockholm" and "Dedicated to Therese Holm", on Splendid isolation, CD album, Friendly Noise, 2008

"My Brother the Submariner" and "Monochrome Kaleidoscope", on The Day Before, CD album, Mano Garment Complex, 2009

"Monochrome Kaleidoscope" and "Azimuth", on All Surprises, digital album, The Curve Ball, 2010

"Frozen Mosaics", on Through Ice, Candlelight Shapes, Like Your Starry Christmas Eyes, digital album, Moonlighting, 2011

"Ballad for Bernt" (Krzysztof Komeda) on I Hear a New World: 1958–1962, digital album, BCNVT, 2012

"Wales" on Windfall Light, Nature Bliss, CD album, 2013


Infrastruktur, Revolutionen, MP3 single, Rocket Science Society, 2004

Dr Higgins, s/t, CD album, Klassisk Ära, 2004 

Piotor, You Can't Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms, vinyl EP, Smashing Time, 2004

Sjtjekn, Noon Universe, CD album, Bendi, 2006 

Viktor Sjöberg, Imagines a house, CD-r single, Friendly Noise, 2006

Jian, Just a little lovin', MP3 single, Friendly Noise, 2007 

Ved, Taygetos, CD album, Psychic Malmö, 2007

Band In Box, This Fiction, CD album, Stereo Test Kit, 2008 

Kopia, 84 to 110 / Circles, MP3 single, Kitty Litter, 2008 

Auton, Any Where Out of the World, CD album, Structures Sonores, 2008

The Ocean Tango, s/t, CD album, Wonder Records, 2010 

Sternpost, s/t, vinyl EP, Kalligrammofon, 2012

Sternpost - Statues Asleep, vinyl LP, Kalligrammofon, 2017

Sternpost - ANTI-CLOCK, vinyl LP, Dilettante, 2018

Sternpost - Anno Mirabilis, digital single, BCNVT, 2018