Most recent Testbild! related project is called Anaglyfparken, a mix between songs, spoken word (in Swedish) and sound collage. This LP was released June 21 2021 on the new label BIBLIOTEK, run by Petter Herbertsson and Stefan Zachrisson. Get it HERE.

An upcoming Sternpost project is called "Gaspard Von Der Nacht". To be released some time 2022, hopefully on vinyl!

The Ocean Tango LP available HERE!

* Partikelbana 10" viny + booklet, musical interpretations of poems of Martti Soutkari feat. Petter H and Siri, OUT NOW at Zeon Light 

STAD LP is sold out, but there's a cassette version still available!

Another cassette with music from the short films of Henrik Möller Filmer has just been released on Zeon Light. Buy/listen!

Other upcoming projects:

Mouse, the Testbild! and Dolly Dolly


This page will be updated regularly. Thank You for Your interest!

21 September 2022: New from Testbild!: Mörka Stjärnan Jorden, musical interpreteations of Swedish poet and Nobel Prize winner Pär Lagerkvist. The cassette and riso print are unfortunately already sold out, but check out Larry's Corner in Stockholm or Rundgång in Malmö, they might have some copies left

27 December 2021: Adios Pamplona, brand new song by Testbild!, released 24/12. And it's free too!

Get it HERE

28 March 2021: Pre-orders for Anaglyfparken available! Music by Petter Herbertsson of Testbild!, text by Karin Christensen. Get it HERE

01 February 2021: Watch out for Anaglyfparken, an upcoming collaboration between Petter H of Testbild! and poet Karin Christensen! An attractive blend between songs, spoken word (in Swedish) and sound collage, to be released on vinyl spring 2021. The brand new record company is called BIBLIOTEK, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter! 

And watch this space.

25 February 2020: Watch out for "Gaspard Von Der Nacht", upcoming album from Sternpost (Petter H of Testbild!)! More info soon.

31 May 2019: 

199 copies only, hurry hurry...

11 March 2019: EXTRA EXTRA!

We are more than proud to present the vinyl version of the self titled debut album from The Ocean Tango, the collaboration between Testbild! and Louis Philippe (él Records).

12" vinyl edition with printed innersleeves. Each order Includes a set of photos printed on photo paper as well as a "Sobria Inebrietas" woven blazer badge in black and gold. Limited to 199 handnumbered copies.

Available for Pre-Order HERE

16 November 2018: STAD LP sold out! But there's a cassette edition coming out soon, pre-orders available here!

We're about to release a reissue of the LP, if you're interested please let us know.

And finally: Testbild! will be playing their last gig in a very long time December 15th at KRETS in Malmö, Sweden. Be there!

05 August 2018: STAD is available for pre-orders! 99 copies only, so please hurry...

25 June 2018: Brand new cover of Anno Mirabilis (Lindsay Cooper) by Sternpost here!